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On Track Results

We Are Passionate About Helping Business Owners Find Success
Focused in the Greater Los Angeles Area
We offer a free 1 hour consultation to get you on the path to success !

The Challenges We Face As Business Owners

Some new problem always comes up, I don't know what I don't know!


How can I have all the answers, do I really have what it takes?


I work really hard all the time, why do I always have ups and downs?


I am really good at making my product or performing my service, but the other aspects of running a company are really challenging.

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Bradley DeRuiter


OnTrack Results

I wrote the book on running a successful business!

Click here to order my book on turning your company into a smooth running money making machine.

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What do I have to do?


Make an appointment for a free one-hour consultation.


We provide you with a success plan at a price you can afford.


We work alongside you to implement the success plan.

Call (818) 359-0973 or Email NOW to schedule your free consultation

7 out of 10 companies fail in their first 10 years and most companies never reach their full potential.


Call or email now to schedule your FREE consultation so you can have the success you deserve.


Don't miss enjoying another vacation.


You can finally have the time to enjoy the fun things in life,  Call or email now to schedule your FREE consultation.


You can download this free checklist to see how well your company is setup for success - Download Now

Brad is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He was able to ensure we are bidding at profitable numbers and helped us get the right staff in place. I am so glad we hired OnTrack Results.

John, Owner


We needed help getting our Children's Village Orphanage sustainable. On Track Results was able to provide several viable business plans. Now we can open the doors to the first orphans.

Dr. Peters, Founder

Right away after hiring Brad to implement his five-part system we began to see growth top and bottom. Now after only 4 years we have tripled both top and bottom line numbers!

David, Chairman

Our Values


Treat others with true respect and bring value to them.


We must bring increase and make a positive impact or we are not doing our jobs


Thinking long term and generationally, looking to build toward a better future for those who follow.


Overcoming all obstacles to obtain success.

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