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Bradley DeRuiter

Founder On Track Results

Bradley DeRuiter has over 25 years of business management experience in small and large corporations providing proven leadership and strategic thinking.  Prior to founding On Track Results, he was CEO of Pervo Paint Company, a privately held corporation that produced traffic marking products and industrial coatings. While at the helm of Pervo Paint he was able to increase revenues from $12 million to over $38 million while also increasing profits as a percent of sales from 3% to 10%.  He also led the negotiation of an acquisition of Pervo Paint Company bringing the ownership a profitable return on their investment.  Bradley has also held positions of President of Davlin Coatings and Director of Distribution for Ennis Traffic Safety Solutions.


Bradley is a demonstrated achiever with emphasis on continual improvement practices. He is skilled at mining intelligence from financials, finding hidden opportunities for improvement and possible reporting methodologies to keep leadership focused on the financial potential. Whatever your business need, he can bring a creative and inspired perspective to help your company achieve at the highest level.  He has a  Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business from Westmont College, attended Fuller Theological Seminary in the Masters of Divinity Track.


Finally, Bradley DeRuiter is committed to strong moral values.  These strong moral values helped him develop lasting results both in the work environment and in life.  He and his wife of 28 plus years, Kimiya, are facilitators for the Business Training School.  The school is sponsored by the SBA and focuses on training entrepreneurs on how to start a business. 

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